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What can I do behind the scenes?

WNMTC welcomes community members to serve as ushers or to work in more skilled tasks, such as costume and set construction or work on the crew.  Those involved in building the show don’t need to commit to working the performances, but those involved in ushering or crew need to be present and working at each performance.


What does an usher do?

Ushers are in charge of assisting the audience before, during, and after a performance, either at a theater entrance or at a concession area.  Ushers need to commit to work at every public performance of a production, manning their specific assignment.  They are given instructions on how to carry out their tasks, and have a supervisor to whom they can bring questions and problems.


What do crew members do?

Crew members are given specific assignments, like managing props, running spotlights or moving sets.  For some of these tasks, training or experience is necessary.  We’re happy to discuss this with you if you are interested.


Are there requirements?

Ushers should be at least 13 years old and be physically able to help people who may have difficulty walking.  They need to be able to bend over and pick up trash that is left on the floor.  They should be well groomed and dressed professionally, as they are representing our company.  They should be able to handle all customers, even difficult ones, with courtesy and respect.


Crew members need to be able to lift at least 10 pounds.  They need to attend all technical rehearsals and performances.


How do I sign up?!?!

Simply give us a call at (775)445-4249 or send a message with the Contact Us form, and someone will get back to you shortly.



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