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"It was amazing! Beautiful voices, acting, set, dancing, orchestra, direction… broadway quality for a fraction of the cost! I’ve been going for many years, can’t wait until the next show in November!​"

-Susie McKerrihan

"Attended Saturday night's performance (of Cinderella)... I was blown away of the talent and the professional presentation... I thought I was watching a Broadway Play at the Hollywood Pantages Theater... I found a hidden treasure here in Carson City..."
-Joe Vigil

"Thank you for all of the positive work you do to promote excellent dramatic musical productions for our surrounding community. The high standard you maintain for all aspects of your productions are a great benefit to the performers and the audiences."

~ M. Thompson

"This group amazes me! They do the tough ones and do them quite well. I've attended theater in many large cities but have never seen a consistently better group than Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company"

~ Justin Other

"Not your local little theatre, a full robust example of Broadway style of performance! Well rehearsed and executed with an air of professionalism."

~ JJay Ross

"I saw the show (Nice Work if You Can Get It) on Sunday afternoon and enjoyed it so much. It was wonderful. I think this has been my favorite show since I started attending the musicals in the last 2 years. To everyone that put in time and effort into this production, you did a fantastic job! Well done."

~ Susan Cristani

... Just had the opportunity to see the Western Nevada Musical Theater Company’s production of “42nd Street”... a very spirited, updated and entertaining take on what was originally a 1932 Busby Berkeley movie musical. The hoofers were great, the songs are familiar, and it all adds up to a very entertaining show. Over the years I’ve seen many of the shows put on by the Western Nevada Musical Theater Company, and I can honestly say their productions are just as good, if not better than the Broadway traveling shows appearing at the Pioneer Center in Reno. I recommend for everyone to "come and see those dancing feet!”

~ Frank Leto KOLO TV

"After every performance, I say,"This is the best performance that you have done" and last night was NO exception. I have no idea how you pull the rabbit out of the hat, and come up with an unbelievably superb rendition of "Mary Poppins", even to the flight through the air, and the shoes on Mary Poppins! You and your troupe are indeed miracle workers, and my hope is that you are able to continue for many more years. Carson City needs you, as does the entire state... Great job! Superbly executed, and enjoyed by all. Please keep up the good work. Your faithful audience attendee." 

~ Dorothy Gates


"To the cast, crew and orchestra of Mary Poppins. I'll be looking like a cod fish for quite some time because my jaw is on the floor. You were all amazing and I'm so glad that I was there to see your triumphant performance."

~ Steven Meyer


“An amazing production! My husband and I have seen Phantom in San Francisco, and believe me, yesterday was the better show! Our 8 year old granddaughter (who is in her third season of seeing WNMTC shows) wants Papa to download the music to her ipod---that says it all!”

~ Randy Hope Wick King


"While I think that every production of musicals you have put on through the years have been outstanding I must congratulate you on your recent showing of “The Phantom Of The Opera”. Everything from the orchestration, costuming, choreography, staging and cast were superb! Having seen the Broadway production I felt that this was greatly comparable! Thank you for a wonderful Sunday afternoon."
~ Nina Snyder


"My friends and I saw the Phantom last weekend and we can’t stop talking about how incredible it was.  Several of us had seen it in San Francisco and we felt this production was just as good, if not better.  Everything came together to make this a night to remember - the voices, sets, music, dancers, and costumes were beautiful."

~Valerie Anderson


"You will not believe the quality of the program.  The set and costumes are incredible and the acting and singing rivals that of any production you may see in a major city. This is a big-time production, folks, at decidedly small town prices."
~Ronnie Hannaman


"Thank You for the INCREDIBLE, FANTASTIC, WONDERFUL Musical. We haven’t stopped talking about it and we are encouraging  all our friends to see it. Everything was outstanding, the voices, the acting , the stage props and  the costumes. We saw it in San Francisco but enjoyed this even more. So a big thanks to all who were a part of it.  We look forward to next season's plays."
~Jenny & Ed Cordisco


"I wanted to commend you and thank you for the fantastic show I enjoyed this last Sunday.  I’ve seen the Phantom of the Opera in Los Angeles and San Francisco, and your production was equally spectacular.  I brought my two oldest daughters and they were riveted to their seats for the entirety of the show.  All of your lead performers had wonderful enchanting voices, and your Christine, Raoul, Carlotta, and Phantom were the equals or even betters to those I saw in those other performances."
~Chad McCully


"Your production of the ‘Phantom of the Opera’ was every bit as good, and in some ways, better, than the Broadway show in NYC...which I saw twice. I could expound on all the aspects that made the performance so superb, such as the wonderful casting; the brilliant technical work; the fantastic orchestra; beautiful costumes and set; excellent choreography and dancing; and perfect voices and acting--it was...perfect!  Thank you for a wonderful evening."
~Cheri Smith


"Just wanted to let you know that the production of “Joseph” was fantastic!!  The sets were well done, the costumes were fabulous, and the cast, well, you could tell they spent many hours perfecting the show. Great job all around!  I wish I had gone the first weekend, because I would have seen it twice!"
~Susan Spotts


"We have been season ticket holders since we first relocated to this region, about 12 years ago.  We thoroughly enjoy the WNMTC performances.  We invited our friends from Reno to come to a performance a couple years of years ago.  They moved here from New York and have seen many Broadway shows.  They loved the show and have subsequently enticed three more couples to purchase season tickets.  We are all retired and appreciate the lower cost of the tickets.  The talent that your performers have is truly exceptional. Thank you so much."
~Ted Voyles


"Wow! My wife, 14-year-old daughter and I saw our first performance of "Hello, Dolly!" (or any other show, for that matter) at the Carson City Community Center just this past Saturday night (November 17), and were totally and unequivocally pleasantly surprised at the professional singing, dancing, acting, sets, props and everything else that turned this edition of "Hello, Dolly!" into a huge hit! We've seen big-time shows in L.A. (when living in so' Cal' back when), and we've got to say that the cast's performance of "Hello, Dolly!" on Saturday was nothing short of "par excellence!""  

~Rick J. Radecki


"We saw your Les Mis last night, Nov 15. I have to say, you al did and amazing job! I have seen it on Broadway in NY, and 2 times in San Fran and have viewed the 10th and 25th celebrations numerous times. I consider myself very picky when it comes to theatrical presentations. Your group is second to NONE! And your props were so much better than the Broadway version with the circular rotating floor! My husband and I were both so impressed, we are planning to go next weekend to see it again and bring other guests with us!

Bravo Bravo Bravo!!!"  

~Sharilyn Yarsley


"Such a great show- I was expecting great, but it was brilliant.  Thank you for a lovely and moving evening. Coming again!"  

~Michelle Dudley


"Phenomenal! Can't believe we were watching such incredible talent in Carson City! Going back to the final show!"  

~Jodi Swirczek


"It was "Brilliant" we laughed, we cried & truly enjoyed! And yes a well deserved standing ovation!"  

~Robin Luke


"I've been to London, New York and San Francisco professional theater.  This was better. Seriously."  



"Do whatever it takes to get a ticket! BRAVO!"  

~Sharon Gillespie Rosse


"The play was MAGNIFICENT!!! I've seen it in NYC, London, SF and more and this was as good as any of them and better than some. What great directing and staging... and the singing was awesome as was the orchestra. I'm so glad we were able to attend and I want tickets to both of the next performances. Thanks for everyone's hard work... what a gift to our community"  

~Midge Breeden


"Throughout my 77 years on this planet, I have NEVER been so awestruck as WNMTC's performances of Les Miserables!! After viewing three performances, I only wish I could have seen every one of them.  Congratulations to each and every person who contributed to this production!! If you missed it, you could now see it on Broadway, but the performances here in our area, in my opinion, surpassed those in New York.  What an experience!!!"  

~Wawa Broderick



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