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Costume & Backdrop Rental

Prices are per week and do not include shipping (Backdrop shipping: $50 per full-sized drop or two tabs. Costume 

shipping: to be determined following contract approval.)

Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call 775-445-4250


All costumes shown here (for a cast with seven children) rent for $2,250 + shipping. Cleaning is included in this price. See included costumes below. $1,250 for each additional week of performances. Complimentary advance time, when available.

VonTrapp Villa Backdrop
36' wide x 15' tall. Practical opening 3.4' wide x 7.3' tall. $400/week.
Ballroom Center
Ballroom center to hang behind opening 4.3' wide x 8.95' tall.
$50/week with mansion drop.
Maria's Bedroom Set
Maria’s bedroom 20Wx14.5H, complete with curtains, sheers and piece to mount on window sill: $350

See matching playclothes on costume rental page
Gazebos & Trees Drops
Gazebo backdrop with openings: 20.2Wx15T $250

Tree Legs: SL 9.2W x 15H
SR 7.9W x 15H $100 each
Abbey Arches & Columns Drop
Abbey arches and columns: 15x36 $350
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Children's Uniforms
Children's outfits in 13 sizes. Uniforms $50/each
Assorted Children's Costumes
Assorted dresses and boy’s outfits for multiple scenes: $50 each
Pink Party Dresses
5 pink party dresses (see sizes in sizing chart at top of this page) $50 each per week.
Liesl Dress
Liesl dress for gazebo, party and wedding: $60/week
Curtain Costumes & Maria Dress
Curtain outfits (see bedroom backdrop rental to coordinate with curtains) $50 each Maria’s dress: $50
Nightgowns & PJs
Nightgowns and pajamas $10 each
Landler Dress
Landler dress: $50
Nun Costumes
Habits for 16 nuns. $40 each
Maria Postulant Dress
Postulant dress for Maria $40
Children's Festival Costumes
Kalzburg Festival: Skirts/blouses/aprons or leiderhausen: $40 each
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