Oliver Backdrop Rental

Prices are per week and do not include shipping ($50 per

full-sized drop or two tabs.) Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email Stephanie.Arrigotti@wnc.edu or call


Completed looks using a combination of drops. Individual drops listed below.

The following drops and tabs work together to form the Alley Set and the Townhouses & Park Scene.

Three Cripples
Three Cripples drop 8.92 wide x 15 tall $125/week
Fagin's Exterior
Fagin's Exterior drop 11.8 wide x 15 tall $150/week
Alley Center
Alley 8' wide x 15' tall
2 Rock Walls
Two rock walls, 7'11"w x 14'10"t $100/each per week
SR Townhouse
Stage Right Townhouse 8.3 wide x 15 tall $100/week
SL Townhouse
Stage Left Townhouse 5.5 wide x 15 tall $75/week
Park Drop
Full stage Park drop 38' wide x 15' tall $400/week
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Alley Set
Five-piece full stage set* includes:
Fagin's Exterior drop 11.8'w x 15't $150/week,
Three Cripples drop 8.9'w x 15't $100/week,
Alley 8'w x 15't $100/week,
Two rock walls to flank the alley 8'w x 15't $100/each per week
*constructed set pieces show in picture (lamp, stairs, bench, hay and barrel)
Townhouses & Park
Three piece set:
Full stage Park drop 38'w x 15't $400/week
SR Townhouse 8.3'w x 15't $100/week
SL Townhouse 5.5'w x 15't $75/week
(Shown here with constructed gates and lampposts.
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Brownlow Study - Practical Opening
Each wall is 15'w x 15't. Practical opening center is 9.7'w x 13.2't. $175/week
Brownlow Study - Opt
Each wall is 15'w x 15't. Practical opening center is 9.7'w x 13.2't. $175/week
Optional addition: Two burgundy panels and one panel of sheers to turn practical opening into a window: $150/wk panels and sheers.
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