My Fair Lady Backdrop Rental

Prices are per week and do not include shipping ($50 per

full-sized drop or two tabs.) Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call


These drops work together to form the Covent Garden and Pub Scene.

Opera House Opening
15' tall x 13.18' wide. Practical opening: 5.75' at bottom. $150/week
London Alley
15' tall x 12.6' wide. Also used in Pub scene. $150/week
Pavilion Common Market
15' tall x 7.92' wide. $100/week
Tottenham Court Pub
11.8' wide x 15' tall. $150/week
European Building SL
16' wide x 15' tall
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Baroque Style Mansion/Embassy Ball
36' wide x 15' tall. Practicle opening 3.4' wide x 7.3' tall. $400/week. This photo includes coordinating drops to add depth to set. Column 2.4' wide (at top) x 15' tall; Mansion center to hang behind opening 4.3' wide x 8.95' tall. Each $75/week with mansion drop.
Mansion Center
4.3' wide x 8.95' tall to hang behind opening of Mansion drop. $50/week with Mansion drop.
Eliza's Bedroom
23' wide x 15' tall/ $30/week includes sheer curtains. Three practical openings: 3.3' wide x 8' tall. Matching curtains and bedspread available (not shown).
Mrs. Higgins' Garden
A carefully manicured English garden. 20' wide x 15' tall. $250/week
On the Street Where You Live
Park drop 38' wide x 15' tall $400/week. British townhouses tabs: SR 8.3' wide x 15' tall; SL 5.5' wide x 15' tall $175/week/set
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Covent Garden Scene
Tabs rent individually below.
Bit-o-luck Pub Scene
Tabs rent individually below.
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