Mary Poppins Backdrop, Prop and Costume Rental 

Prices are per week and do not include shipping (Backdrop shipping: $50 per full-sized drop or two tabs. Costume shipping: to be determined following contract approval.) Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call 775-445-4250


Cherry Tree Lane
Cherry Tree Lane Exterior 3 Drops (36'Wx15"h) includes:
Center Banks House: 24'Wx15'H $275/week
SR Townhouse: 8.3'Wx15'H; SL Townhouse: 5.5'Wx15'H $175/week/set of two
Banks Interior
5 piece Interior Banks home backdrop set. Total size 38'x15'. Center panel, SR & SL panel & Two column legs. $400/week for the set. Can be configured in many ways.
Nursery Backdrop
Nursery Backdrop: 20'Wx14.5'H $350/week includes sheers and curtains. (Three practical openings 3.3'Wx8'H.) Two Bedspreads that match the curtains and backdrop $80/week for the pair with the rental of the backdrop. Magic toy chest listed separately.
Supercalifragilistic Shop Windows
$200 for the pair of SL & SR window drops. Center is a practical opening.
Victorian Border
Victorian border drop used in Supercali comes as two legs and a teaser $325/week
Bank Portal
Bank drops include four columns (two large, two medium large) and a column portal with a practical opening. 37'Wx15'H total size $350/week
Feed the Birds Combination
Three pieces 36'Wx15'H Total Size (photo shown with constructed gates in center); Opera House Opening (SR) 13.18'Wx15'H with practical opening $200/week; Alley (center) 12.6'Wx15'H $200/week; Column Pavilion (SL) 7.92'Wx15'H $150/week
Jolly Holiday Park Drop
35.5'Wx15'H Park Drop $400/week
Jolly Holiday Transformation
Magic Package
Magic Cabinets
Magic Toy Chest (Local pickup only)
$100/week. (Local pick up only) Built with trap door on top that fits Mary Poppins' carpet bag. Entire top also hinges open for "toys" to come through for "Playing the Game" number. Back is open.
Rooftop Set (Local Pickup Only)
Three 8' ledges, two 6' ledges. Buildings, which are mounted to luann, attach to three center ledges. The two tallest sections fly in on the far sides. Two tall chimneys (29") and four short chimneys (14") can be tapped on. Attic window and chimney with practical openings. Total set package $1000/week
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Chimney Sweep Costumes
17 assorted sizes of chimney sweep costumes. Includes pants, jacket and a cap. $40/week/set
Jolly Holiday Costumes
Jolly Holiday Costumes:
Mary's White Dress $100/week includes dress, red corset and hat. Size: chest 35.5, waist 26, length 47.5, sleeve 24

Bert's Red and White pinstripe suit $80/week
Size: 40R Jacket, 34R Pant
Mary's Red Coat
Mary's Red Coat $100/week
Size: chest 34, waist 32.5, length 49, sleeve 22.5
Mary's Nanny Costume
Mary's Nanny Costume
$100/week includes apron shirt and black skirt.
Size: chest 35 (shirt), waist 27.5 (apron) waist 25 (skirt), length (apron) 49, sleeve 24.5 (shirt)
Mary's Blue Costume
Mary's Blue Costume $100/week includes 2-piece outfit, shirt and jacket.
Size: chest 35.5, waist 27, length 49, sleeve 22
Mary's Black Jacket
Mary's Black Jacket $100/week
Size: chest 33.5, waist 28.5, length 49, sleeve 24
White Jane Dress
White Jane Dress:
chest 35", waist 31", length 42", sleeve 21.5"
Red Jane Coat Dress
Red Jane Coat Dress:
chest 29", waist 27.5", length 32", sleeve 19.5"
Red Michael Suit Jacket
Red Michael Suit Jacket: chest 33", waist 32", length 18.5", sleeve 17.5"
Brown Michael Suit
Brown Michael Suit Jacket and Pants:
Jacket: chest 32", waist 30", length 19", sleeve 17.5"
Pants: waist 26", length 24"
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