The Little Mermaid

Costume & Backdrop Rental

Prices are per week and do not include shipping (Backdrop shipping: $50 per full-sized drop or two tabs. Costume shipping: to be determined following contract approval.) Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call 775-445-4250


$1500 Costume rental minimum.

Shore Line Drop and Wave Accents
Shore line with horizon backdrop 36" wide x 12" tall. $350/week.

Wave accents (down stage) 36' wide x 12-24" tall. Ships freight, mounted on luan.
$100/week (plus extra shipping)

Wave accents (up stage) 36' wide x 30" tall. You will need to mount on luan. $100/week
Under the Sea Backdrop
36' wide x 15' tall. $400/week
Palace Bedroom - 2 Drops
Each drop is 36' wide x 15' tall. Down stage drop has three practical openings to see the up stage drop behind. A beautiful pair of drops. $450/week for set. $350/week for down stage drop only. (Table set piece not included)
Ballroom Backdrop
36' wide x 15' tall. Practical opening 3.4' wide x 7.3' tall. $400/week.
Ballroom Center
Ballroom center to hang behind opening 4.3' wide x 8.95' tall.
$50/week with mansion drop.
Tree Portal
38' wide x 15' tall
Abbey Arches & Columns Drop
Abbey arches and columns: 15x36 $350
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Ariel Mermaid Costume
4-piece costume includes corset, fin dress, water (tulle) underskirt, chiffon cape.
Size: chest 33", waist 26", waist to floor 39", hip 36"
Ariel & Eric Royal Blue Costumes
Ariel's Blue Ball Gown $120/week
Eric's Romantic Essex Blue Jacket size 44", $120/week
Eric's White pants size 32" $40/week
Prince Eric White Wedding Tux Jacket
White Wedding Tux Jacket size 44", $120/week
Eric's White pants size 32" $40/week
Ariel Wedding Dress $200/week
King Triton Costume
King Triton 5-piece costume includes: crown, fin skirt, belt, shoulder pieces and cape. $150/week
Mersister/Mermen Costumes
6 different Mersisters: $150/week/each
4-piece costume includes color coordinated corset, fin dress,
water (tulle) underskirt, chiffon cape (wigs not included).
See size chart for specific sizes.
3 Mermen costumes: $110/week/each
Includes: skirt and belt.
Flounder Costume
Flounder costume 3-pieces includes: wig, tunic top and pants $120/week
Sebastian Costume
Sebastian costume includes: unitard with crustacean padded sections, cape, claws, top hat.
Ursula Costume
Ursula costume includes corset, skirt & tentacles (wig not included) $240/week
Flotsom Jetsam Costumes
Flotsom & Jetsam Costumes include body suit and wig $80/week
Flying Fish (6 costumes)
4-piece Flying Fish costume includes tunic dress, underskirt, rainbow wings and hat. 6 available. 2 - Small, 3 - Medium, 1 - Large. $100/each per week
Sea Anemones (6 costumes)
Metallic leotards in gold, purple and sea foam green with backpacks of tulle embellished with sparkling decor, attached with sequined elastic bands. Includes unitard, backpack and wig. 2 of each color available (6 total). Please see sizing chart above for sizes. $60/each/week
Scuttle Costume
Scuttle 4-piece costume includes: wig, fur suit, web feet shoe covers , cross body sack (tights not included) $125/week
Seagulls (8 costumes)
Seagull 3-piece costumes includes: wig, fur suit and web feet shoe covers $120/week. Total of 8 seagulls (does not include Scuttle).
Chef Costume
Chef costume includes balloon pants, chef coat and chef hat $80/week
Misc. Sized Chef Costumes
Misc. sized chef costume includes balloon pants, chef coat and chef hat $80/week
Maid Costumes
Maid costumes include: skirt, blouse, apron and cap $100/week
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