Grease Set & Costume


Prices are per week and do not include shipping (Backdrop shipping: $50 per full-sized drop or two tabs. Costume 

shipping: to be determined following contract approval.)

Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call 775-445-4250


Minimum order: $500 (May combine costumes and sets).

Set Rental - Drive-In Cars
Space-saving, visually impressive photo images of cars professionally printed on theatrical fabric. Provides for hilarious scene with passengers peeking out of windows or suggesting various antics during "Alone at the Drive In Movie" number. Cars rent for $100 each per week, or $500 for complete set.
Beauty School Costumes
Beauty School Dropout blue salon robes with pink detailing. Set of 13 in various sizes. $400/week.
(Wigs not available)
3-piece Gymnasium set. Total size 36'x15'. SR with practical door opening 11'wx15't. SL drop 7.5'wx15't. Center drop with practical opening 17.5'wx15't. Set of 3 $400/week. Burgundy velour panels for center drop, set of four 52"w (fire retardant) $300/wk.
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