Crazy For You Backdrop Rental

Prices are per week and do not include shipping ($50 per

full-sized drop or two tabs.) Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call


Lank's Saloon
Lank's Saloon Drop: 22'Wx15'H $275/week

Brick Backdrop:
36'Wx15'H $350/week

(Constructed pieces not included in rental: Stairs, Bar, Table, Chairs, Bar Stools.)
Deadrock, Nevada: Act 1
3 Drop Set spans 36'W

SR Lank's Saloon Exterior: 13.25'Wx15'H

SL Deadrock Theater Exterior: 14'Wx15'H

Center Desert: 12.75'Wx15'H

$200 each/week or $500 for the set of 3 drops/week
Deadrock, Nevada: Act 2
SR Chez Lank Exterior: 12.5'Wx15'H $175/week

SL Deadrock Theater Exterior: 14'Wx15'H $200/week

Show Girls Banner: (Flies in front of Deadrock Theater Exterior) 12'Wx4'H $75/week

(Center star drop and hung lights not included in rental.)
Deadrock Theater Interior
5-piece interior theater includes 2 downstage columns, 2 side tabs and 1 center top border.

Pieces span 36'Wx15'H. Set of 5 pieces $250/week

(Red swag curtains are not included in rental.)
New York Set
4 piece New York Set

SR Zangler Theater Front: 13.18'Wx15'H with "Zangler" banner velcro to front. $200/week

SR Zangler Theater Side Column: 2.5'Wx15'H $75/week

SL Radio City Music Hall: 14.5'Wx15'H $200/week

Set of all 4 pieces: $350/week

(Car not included in rental.)
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