Building Interiors Backdrop Rental

Prices are per week and do not include shipping ($50 per full-sized drop or two tabs.) Return shipping is the responsibility of the renter. For more information and reservations, email or call 775-445-4250

Castle Drops
Total Castle Drop Set, 5 pieces (shown with constructed stairs, center constructed window and candelabras, not included):

Three Castle Arches: each 12'Hx15'H $125/each per week

West Wing Tab 10'Wx15'H $125/week

East Wing Tab 9'Wx15'H $100/week
Castle Arches (Three)
Three Castle Arches: each 12'Hx15'H $125/each per week
East Wing Tab
East Wing Tab 9'Wx15'H $100/week
West Wing
West Wing Tab 9'Wx15'H $100/week
Palace Backdrop
Palace backdrop with practical opening:
36’x15’: $400/week. Blue velour panels for
opening: $100/week
Train Station
Full Backdrop
38' wide x 15' tall
Palace Bedroom - 2 Drops
Each drop is 36' wide x 15' tall. Down stage drop has three practical openings to see the up stage drop behind. A beautiful pair of drops. $450/week for set. $350/week for down stage drop only. (Table set piece not included)
Hotel 5-Piece Drop Set
Total size 38' wide x 15' tall. Center Panel, SR & SL Panel and 2 Column Legs.
$400/week for the 5-piece set. Can be configured in many ways.
Penthouse Backdrop
Penthouse drop: 18’ wide x 12’ tall $200/week
Brownlow Study - Practical Opening
Each wall is 15'w x 15't. Practical opening center is 9.7'w x 13.2't. $175/week
Mansion Backdrop
Baroque style with practical opening:
36W x 15H $400
Smaller Bedroom Backdrop
Smaller Bedroom: 20Wx14.5H, complete with curtains, sheers and piece to mount on window sill: $350
Chapel Backdrop
Chapel tab: 8’x13’. $100/week
Shown in rehearsal.
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