Please see our ticketing page that has updated information about the current status of our performances and ticketing information. If you have any questions or concerns, please email tara.burke@wnc.edu.

We truly look forward to getting past this and seeing you again!

Broadway Rising! presents, "Step One" from the musical Kinky Boots. 

Broadway Rising!, Western Nevada College and Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company's virtual choir presents:

A Million Dreams from The Greatest Showman.

Would you like to be part of this exciting ensemble? To enroll, contact tara.burke@wnc.eduStay safe and stay well. We will see you back on stage soon!


WNMTC is planning an exciting revue the weekend of August 27-29, "Home Again!"  Let a few of your favorite WNMTC performers lift your tired and frazzled spirits with rapturous music from Les Mis to Mamma Mia! to Phantom of the Opera, accompanied by the WNMTC orchestra.



Weekends November 5-14, WNMTC presents Once Upon a Mattress. This hilarious twist on the fairytale "The Princess and the Pea" was the show that shot Carol Burnett to stardom.  A nasty queen insists that only a princess who can pass her test can marry her wimpy son, Dauntless.  All fail the queen's impossible tasks until the hearty Princess Winnifred of the swamps swims the moat to win her man. The queen despises her, but she wins the hearts of everyone else, who devise plans to help Winnifred pass the test.  Non-stop comedy ensues, filled with the music of Mary Rodgers.



Where's the show? 

All performances are at the Carson City Community Center, located at 851 E. William St, Carson City.



"This group amazes me! They do the tough ones and do them quite well. I've attended theater in many large cities but have never seen a consistently better group than Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company" 

~ Justin Other

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